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1.2.3 Focus THURSDAY BLOG 6.4.20

Hey Everyone,

I’ve started and deleted the first paragraph of this update at least 5 times.  To be frank, I’m not sure what to write and honestly who am I to be writing about a topic that I have little understanding of.  And maybe that’s point…rather than face the pain and reality of racism in America, I’ve had the privilege to duck my head in the sand and not understand it.  That just cannot be the case anymore.  It’s time to spend some time understanding racism in America.  It’s time to listen, really listen, to others.  And it’s time to take action.

In hope and health,


Dr. Tony


1 Joke

“The problem with stealing quotes off the internet is that you never know if they are genuine.”  Abraham Lincoln



I listened to Ibram Kendi on Brene Brown’s podcast yesterday and this is a quote that stuck out:

“By not running from the books that pain us, we can allow them to transform us. I ran from antiracist books most of my life. But now I can’t stop running after them — scrutinizing myself and my society, and in the process changing both.”⁣  Ibram X. Kendi


And this is from a good friend of mine that I grew up with in Iowa.  


“I was a kind of shithead in my teens and early 20s—shoplifting, vandalism, destruction of property, et cetera. I ended up in the back of a police car more than once. I never feared for my life in those situations. A couple decades later, I slowly started to realize why.

I don’t believe all police officers are bad, and I also don’t believe people should be dying because they paid for a pack of cigarettes with counterfeit money, or gunned down because they went for a jog in a different neighborhood. And I really hate living in a country where so many of us want to see everything as binary, us vs. them, that if you protest for racial equality you must be anti-police. Because if we all see things that way and refuse to listen to each other, then we’re all f**ed.”  Brendan Leonard @semi-rad


3 Things


Something I learned this week…DO NOT listen to the Chicago police scanner if you’re looking to reduce your anxiety levels.  So instead of downloading an app to do this, please download the app,  Calm, and do 20 minutes of meditation.



With all of the Zoom calls, I know that you are feeling it in your mid to upper back.  Give these three stretches a shot:



Gardening is therapeutic on so many levels. Just being around nature can improve your mood, making you feel more at peace. The act of digging, planting, and watering can help take your mind off of the stresses of daily life. Not to mention it’s good for your body! Yard work stimulates your muscles and can actually improve your physical health. Gardening is good for the mind, body and soul. So, get out there and get your hands dirty!

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