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Don't miss out! (email whitelist instructions)

Our office is undergoing some pretty big changes to kick off 2015 and we want to make sure to share it all with you!  If you’ve been in the office sometime in the last couple of months you’ve likely heard the racket happening next door and it’s because we’re growing. In order to keep up with the needs of all our patients we’ve doubled our space, adding 2 new massage rooms and another adjusting room along with a brand new rehab space. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop by and check it out.

We’re also making some changes in the way we connect with you all. We want to provide you with the best possible care, so moving forward we are going to be implementing some new strategies to help you.  We’ll share photos, videos, and powerpoint presentations with exercises and tips to help you improve your spine health, in turn reducing your daily aches and pains. That’s why this is so important! We don’t want you to miss any of this good stuff we’ll be sending your way so we need you to whitelist our email. By whitelisting any emails from drtony@thewellnessrev you’ll be sure to get all the bonuses we’re putting together for you, plus we’ve included a gift in one of the emails that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. Below you’ll find all of the instructions for the various email providers, so simply find your provider and follow the instructions. Again, we don’t want you to miss anything so be sure to whitelist our emails!

The Wellness Revolution Email Whitelist Instructions

Since your Email Service Provider probably uses some type of spam filter; we ask that you add us to your trusted list of senders, contacts or address book. All also known as “Whitelisting.”

If you do not see an email from Dr. Tony Breitbach in your Inbox, due to the overzealous filtering by ISPs my email may have mistakenly been sent to your spam folder. Please open your spam folder look for it there,open it and mark it as “not spam”


To make sure our email gets delivered to your Inbox, you must add the email to your contacts list.

  1. Open the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach.
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to “Reply” in the upper right side the email from header.
  3. Click the “Add Dr. Tony Breitbach to Contacts List” from the list that appears.
  4. You will now see Dr. Tony Breitbach appear under the link “Contacts” on the left side of the page.

Report as “Not Spam”

  1. Check your Gmail Spam Folder
  2. If you see the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach: Open the Email
  3. Click the button on the toolbar, labeled “Not spam”.

Gmail Tabs

  1. If you are using Gmail Tabs such as ‘Promotions’ please open your Promotions tab in Gmail.
  2. If you find an email from Dr. Tony Breitbach in your Gmail Promotions tab: Please…
  3. Grab and drag my email to the Priority Inbox Tab.
  4. After doing so, you will receive an alert like the one below at the top your Gmail toolbar:

The conversation has been moved to “Primary”

Do this for future messages from Yes

  1. Click Yes in the yellow alert box at Gmail, after dragging our email to the
  2. This way and you will always see Dr. Tony Breitbach in your Primary Inbox tab…

AOL Webmail

To make sure our email gets delivered to your AOL Inbox, you must add to your Address Book. If you find Dr. Tony Breitbach in your spam folder, please open the email and click “Not spam” on your Inbox toolbar.

  1. Open the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach
  2. Click the “show details” link next to Dr. Tony Breitbach in the From field.
  3. Move your mouse over or tap to show the menu.
  4. Click or tap “Add contact” in the menu displayed.
  5. Add Dr. Tony Breitbach to the name fields
  6. Click “Add contact”

If using AOL web mail replying to an email from Dr. Tony Breitbach will also work.

Email from that Domain will now be delivered straight to your Inbox.

Yahoo! Mail

If you’re not receiving email you are expecting, there are two things you can do:

  1. Use the “Not Spam” button in your Bulk folder.
  2. Create a filter to automatically send email from certain Domains to your Inbox. This is the only way to really ensure delivery.

Report as “Not Spam”

  1. Check your Yahoo! Bulk folder
  2. If you see the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach, open our email and click or tap the “Not Spam” button on the toolbar.
  3. This does not guarantee that your mail will be delivered in the future, but it does help.

Create a Filter To Ensure Delivery

  1. Move your mouse over or tap the “Gear” icon in the top right navigation bar.
  2. Select “Settings” from the list that drops down.
  3. Choose “Filters” located on the left side of the page.
  4. Click the “Add” button on the Filters page.
  5. Create a name such as “Whitelist” in the “Filter name” field.
  6. In the “From” field leave the default “contains” selected.
  7. Enter our email address in the text box next to “Contains…”
  8. Choose the destination folder to which you would like the message delivered. For example: Inbox.
  9. Click or tap “Save…”
  10. You will see in the next screen -Deliver to “Inbox” if From contains “Dr. Tony Breitbach”-
  11. Click or tap “Save” on this screen.
  12. You will be returned to your Yahoo! Inbox.

Previously “Hotmail”, “Live”, “Windows Live” and “MSN”… In the new you must click the “Wait it’s safe” link if you find emails mis-identified as spam. Entering the email contact in the address book or contacts no longer whitelists the sender. To ensure messages from specific email addresses are not sent to your Junk Email folder, you can do one of two things:

  1. Check the “Junk” folder if you do not see the Dr. Tony Breitbach email in your Inbox:
  2. Open the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach
  3. Click the “Wait it’s safe” link

Mark Sender as “Wait it’s safe!

Dr. Tony Breitbach ( To:

Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we’ll delete it after ten days. Wait, it’s safe! | I’m not sure. Let me check

Manually Add to Safe List

  1. Click gear icon on the top right.
  2. Select “Options” in the drop down list.
  3. On the Options page under “Preventing junk email” click “Safe and blocked senders”
  4. Click the link “Safe senders” on the next page.
  5. Enter the email address in the text box.
  6. Click “Add to list”
  7. Dr. Tony Breitbach will now be added to your list of “Safe senders”
  8. Emails added to your “Safe senders” will not be delivered by mistake to your “Junk” folder.

Outlook 2003 (or higher)

  1. To add Dr. Tony Breitbach to you list of “Safe senders” on Outlook:
  2. Right click our email in your Inbox email list pane.
  3. On the menu displayed move your mouse over or tap “Junk”
  4. Click or tap on “Never block sender” in the menu that rolls out.
  5. The resulting popup will say:
  6. “The sender of the selected message has been added to your Safe Senders List.”
  7. Click or tap “OK”

To add sender to address book:

  1. Open the email
  2. Right click on the from address
  3. Choose “Add to contacts” option


iCloud automatically identifies most junk mail (spam) sent to your address or its aliases and moves the junk mail to your Junk mail folder. If you receive unwanted mail, you can mark it as junk. Messages marked as junk are displayed with a junk mail icon. Because email messages in the Junk folder are automatically deleted after 30 days, periodically check the Junk folder for email messages that were marked as junk mistakenly. To indicate that an email message from Dr. Tony Breitbach isn’t junk:

  1. Click the Junk folder in the sidebar.
  2. Select my email message, then click the “Not Junk” button in the top right of the message window.

The message is moved to your Inbox. Subsequent email messages from The Wellness Revolution will no longer automatically marked as junk. By default, messages in the Junk folder are deleted after 30 days so be sure to check it often to whitelist relevant email.

If you are not receiving email at Earthlink, there are two actions you can take.

  1. Check “Suspect Email” folder
  2. Add to your address book

With Earthlink, if you have SpamBlocker turned on, suspect messages are automatically send to your Suspect Email folder if the Domain is not in your address book. Suspect Email Folder

  1. While in the “Suspect Email” folder, if you see Dr. Tony Breitbach
  2. Select the “Move to Inbox and Add Contact” option from the pull down menu.
  3. This will add to your Address Book for future email delivery assurance.

Address Book Inclusion

  1. Open the email.
  2. Click “Add to Address Book” in the email header.
  3. Use the “Address Book Editor” to verify the sender’s contact details and click “save.”
  4. Fill in as the email address of the sender.
  5. Any mail sent with the same Domain (right of the @ sign) will now be delivered to your Inbox.


  1. Open the email message from the sender you want to add to your address book.
  2. Click on the “Save Address” link (below) next to the “From Address.
  3. Check the “Add to Contacts” box (below) and click “Save.


  1. Please open the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach
  2. Click on the button at the top left of the email that says:
+Add to Address Book
  1. That will open your edit contact screen
  2. Then click “Save” and you’re all done.

Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Click the Address Book button
  2. Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted
  3. Click the New Card button. This will launch a New Card window that has 3 tabs: Contact, Address and Other
  4. Under the Contact tab, copy and paste the “From” address, into the email dialogue box
  5. Click OK

Norton AntiSpam

This problem may happen if is accidentally added to the Blocked List. To remove the from the Blocked List:

  1. Start your Norton product.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Depending on your Norton product, do one of the following:

For Norton 360:

  • In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click AntiSpam.
  • On the Filter tab, next to Blocked List, click Configure.

For Norton Internet Security:

  • In the Settings window, on the Network tab, click Message Protection.
  • Under AntiSpam, next to Blocked List, click Configure.
  1. In the Blocked List window, select the item that you want to remove, and then click Remove.
  2. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  3. If you do not find in the Blocked list, go to next step.

To add to the Allowed List:

  1. Start your Norton product.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Depending on your Norton product, do one of the following:

For Norton 360:

  • In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click AntiSpam.
  • On the Filter tab, next to Allowed List, click Configure.

For Norton Internet Security:

  • In the Settings window, on the Network tab, click Message Protection.
  • Under AntiSpam, next to Allowed List, click Configure.
  1. In the Allowed List window, click Add.
  2. In the Add Email Address window, from the Address Type drop-down, select the address type.
  3. Add, and then click OK.
  4. In the Allowed List window, click Apply, and then click OK.

McAfee Products

  1. In order to add the friends to whitelist, please open McAfee and click on ‘Web & Email Protection”
  2. Then click on “Anti-Spam”

There you can see various settings. You can change the spam protection level, change filter settings, ect.

  1. Click on “Friends list”
  2. Please add to your “Friends List” to always allow emails from Dr. Tony Breitbach.

Trend Micro

If you received an email message that was incorrectly moved to the Spam Mail folder by the Anti-Spam Toolbar you can prevent this from occurring in the future. The Anti-Spam Toolbar detects spam by looking for certain keywords in the email’s subject or body and matching it with the anti-spam pattern file. Occasionally, it may detect what you consider legitimate email as spam. To prevent this from occurring you can do either of the following:

  1. Add the sender to the list of Approved Senders
  2. Decrease the Spam Email Filter Strength

Note: You can also select the email and click Not Spam to report it to Trend Micro. However, this feature serves only as a reference when we develop our spam database, and it may not have an effect on how the toolbar detects spam. Add the sender to the list of Approved Senders

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
  2. Click the Spam Mail folder then select the legitimate email detected as spam.
  3. Click Approve Sender on the toolbar.
  4. Click Yes when the confirmation message appears.

Decrease the Spam Email Filter Strength

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
  2. Click Trend Micro Anti-Spam then click Settings.
  3. On the Spam Filter tab, move the slider bar to select a lower filter strength.
  4. Click OK to save your settings.


  1. Add the following entry to your user_prefs file, which is found in the .spamassassin subdirectory on your web/mail server
  2. whitelist_from
  3. Save the user_prefs file or move the updated copy to your .spamassassin subdirectory.

Barracuda Networks

The Barracuda Spam Firewall is a popular spam filtering solution. Barracuda uses several algorithms and processes to determine whether emails are spam. Occasionally, it will mark a legitimate message as spam. There are two methods to whitelist email senders so that the firewall will not quarantine future email. Whitelist Quarantined Senders

  1. Open your email client. Barracuda should send you a summary each day listing quarantined items. Choose the most recent Barracuda email message.
  2. Locate the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach and the sender email that you do not want quarantined in the future. Click on the word “Whitelist,” which is in green print to the right of the email title. This will open your list in a web browser.
  3. Click the box to the left of the email that you would like to whitelist. At the top of the page, click “Whitelist.” Barracuda will not block or quarantine the sender whose email address appears on the whitelist.

Whitelist Senders and Domains

  1. Open your web browser. Navigate to your company’s Barracuda firewall homepage.
  2. Click on the “Block/Accept” tab.
  3. Choose “Sender Domain Block/Accept.” Enter the Domain name from drtony@thewellnessrev.comto whitelist. For example, you can enter to allow all AOL addresses.
  4. You may enter a comment to remind you why you allowed this Domain. Click “Add.”
  5. Click your mouse on the “Email Sender Block/Accept” tab. Enter the email address of an individual sender that you want to whitelist, such as “
  6. Include a comment. Click “Add.” In the future, Barracuda will not block emails from this sender.

Most Used Spam Filters


  1. Open your Webmail or Gmail where you use SaneBox.
  2. Open your @SaneLater folder.
  3. If you find an email from Dr. Tony Breitbach or an email from in @SaneLater…
  4. Please drag my email to your Inbox folder.
  5. By doing this you will always get our great content in your Inbox from now on!


Highlight the email from Dr. Tony Breitbach with the email address to Whitelist. Click “More” in the SPAMfighter Toolbar and select “Whitelist”. Here you can choose if you want to Whitelist the email address or the whole Domain. To be sure that all emails from people in your Outlook contacts get through to you, you can import and Whitelist them. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click “More” in the SPAMfighter toolbar.
  2. Then “Options”
  3. Then “Filter settings”
  4. Then “Blacklists & Whitelists”
  5. Then “Whitelist email address”
  6. Then “Import”.
  7. Select your ‘Address Book’ and click on “Check all”
  8. Click “Add”
  9. Click “Apply”

If you get a pop-up box offering you to upgrade to SPAMfighter Pro it is because you have exceeded the limit of 100 addresses. You can fix this by buying SPAMfighter Pro or by deleting some of the addresses in your Black/White list. If you want delete addresses, please go to:

  1. Click More” in the SPAMfighter toolbar.
  2. Then “Options”
  3. Then “Filter settings”
  4. Then “Blacklists & Whitelists”

Cloudmark SpamNet

  1. Select Cloudmark | Options… from the Cloudmark SpamNet toolbar in Outlook.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Go to the Whitelist tab.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Type:
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Yes.
  9. Click OK.

Mail Washer

  1. Click Tools, then Blacklist & Friends.
  2. Click Add… on the right, the Friends list side.
  3. Make sure Plain email address is selected.
  4. Type:
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click OK.


  1. Open ChoiceMail
  2. Click on the Senders tab
  3. Choose “Approve another Sender”
  4. Type in the sender email address
  5. Click on OK

Spam Sleuth

  1. Select File, then Configure.
  2. Go to the Friends category.
  3. Make sure Active is checked.
  4. Type: on a line by itself in the entry field.
  5. Click OK.
Dr. Tony Breitbach is in no way associated with any of the brands, websites or applications quoted here. All Trademarks ® are the property of their respective owners.

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