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Dr. Stacy Ruhland, Evanston Chiropractor

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Finding Your Passion

While Dr. Stacy was in undergrad, he was also a member of the Grand Valley State crew team. As a member of the crew team, Dr. Stacy maintained a rigorous practice and competed frequently in races with his team. While prepping for his final race of the season he experienced debilitating lower back pain. He went to an MD who proceeded to treat his pain with medication. However, this did not work and Dr. Stacy’s back pain persisted. Frustrated with his lack of progress, a friend suggested seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Stacy began treatment with a chiropractor and within a few sessions, Dr. Stacy’s lower back pain completely subsided. As a result of his successful chiropractic treatment, he was able to continue training for the final race of the rowing season, the Dad Vail Regatta. His team managed to complete the race and even finished 6th out of approximately 50 teams.

After the rowing season ended Dr. Stacy sought a more individualized form of competition. The combination of his passion for working out and competition, naturally led him to the field of natural bodybuilding. He competed in multiple shows throughout Western Michigan. As a result of his training, he experienced multiple new injuries, all of which he treated with chiropractic sessions.

The chiropractic treatment not only reduced his injuries and kept him healthy, but it also made him stronger and able to train more effectively and successfully. It was at this point that he discovered his passion for chiropractic medicine and realized he wanted to help other experience the same results he did through chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic Training

After undergrad, Dr. Stacy attended chiropractic school at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS). During his education at NUHS, Dr. Stacy was a highly committed and successful student. While enrolled in school, Dr. Stacy also worked at Complete Rehab in La Grange, IL. Dr. Stacy capitalized on every opportunity to expand his knowledge in chiropractic medicine including, attending many additional seminars and certification courses which include but are not limited to: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Mckenzie method, Active Release Technique, Rock Tape, and Motion Palpation institute.

During his free time, Dr. Stacy enjoys staying active through bodybuilding, jogging, swimming, and walking his dog. His favorite extracurricular activities involve anything outdoors, but camping, hiking, and sailing are his favorite.

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