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Reviews for Wellness Revolution

Friendly And Welcoming

Very appreciative that you managed to get me in so quickly when my daughter called saying I was in pain. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

~ Lilia C.

Appreciated My First Visit

I really appreciated my first visit. The doctors appeared clear and competent. It allowed me to feel hopeful that there is help for my rather chronic issues.

~ Sonya C.

Great Impression

Great first impression and subsequent visits have continued to meet and exceed expectations. Very friendly and attentive staff.

~ Ryan W.

Happy To Be A Part Of Your Practice

I am happy to be part of your practice. Good fit all around. Dr. Tony has a nice way about him, and the adjustments were done with a compassionate hand.

~ Debi B.

Very Welcoming

The entire practice is so very welcoming. The evaluation is very thorough and time is taken so that you quickly understand your own situation. Dr.Breitbach was clear and compassionate as he outlined my course of treatment. I was in pretty bad pain and feeling vulnerable. His kind and gentle manner created a feeling of safety and trust. Now, that trust has been earned. Two and half weeks into treatment and the quality of my life is completely changed. I can move without pain. I am so grateful!

~ Merle S.

Pain Relief

I’ve had chiropractic treatment in the past and was a bit skeptical, but after just the second visit started feeling pain relief and we haven’t even started on the exercises yet! I’m very hopeful for the treatments to come.

~ Debra P.

Helped Lower Back Pain

I have had lower back pain and have noticed wonderful results from the office visits and my strict physical therapy at home. I have been given and reminded of exercises essential for my body now and for the rest of my life. These exercises and visits have helped with several other issues I have been dealing with as well. It goes to show you that the everything is connected to help work properly.

~ Cindy L.


Patient Reviews for Wellness Revolution Evanston | (847) 869-1773