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Reviews for Wellness Revolution

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Wellness Revolution patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please call our office at (847) 869-1773 or send us an email.

Yours in Health,
Wellness Revolution

  • Love the friendly and open approach of all the staff. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door.

    - Pam T.
  • I was so impressed with the professionalism of your staff, and with the advanced care provided!

    - Casey L.
  • From the second I walked in the door everyone was extremely helpful and very friendly.

    - Kerry S.
  • What an amazing experience and team!

    - Mike F.
  • I was able to lie on my right side that night. I haven’t been able to do that because of hip pain for 4 months.

    - Lynn T.
  • I’m glad I found you!

    - Mike C.
  • You make your patient’s feel they are receiving special attention, well done!

    - Taylor M.
  • I would recommend Wellness Revolution and Dr. Tony Breitbach without any hesitation. I wish I had been introduced earlier.

    - Surinder P.
  • Every single staff member makes my visit superb every time.

    - Karen F.
  • Great doc and great staff! A superior experience to other chiropractors.

    - Dan W.
  • Wish I had come to you much sooner.

    - Pamela M.
  • Both Dr.Tony and Dr. Vance as well as the desk staff very friendly and warm. Thanks so much.

    - Pamela Z.
  • Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Tony is phenomenal!

    - Georgina C.
  • I love the good people at Wellness Revolution! They are kind, compassionate, great at their jobs!

    - Mark M.
  • From the second I walked in the door everyone was extremely helpful and very friendly.

    - Kerry S.
  • I’m very happy and will be back as well as spread the word.

    - Heather C.
  • Professional atmosphere, yet also warm and inviting.

    - Susan J.
  • I wish I’d come in when Bryant first told me about you! I’d be all better by now.

    - Melanie F.
  • Dr. Tracy is very informative. She listens and explains what she is doing and why. I enjoyed my visit and had a wonderful experience.

    - Kasey H.
  • Very good place I love it, thanks.

    - Juan L.
  • Super friendly staff and the best chiropractor care.

    - Ivan M.
  • Best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. I especially liked that Dr. Tony uses a variety of techniques to fit the issues he faces.

    - Kathryn M.
  • Y’all are awesome!

    - Angela S.


I met with Dr. Stacey and he has been fabulous. I pulled my back and then had to ride in our car for two days solid coming home from vacation. When I got back to Chicago I could barely move! The next day I did some googling and searching and found Wellness Revolution. Dr. Stacey saw me right away and was very thorough in his explanations and adjustments. I’ve seen him for three times and I’m already tremendously better. He’s given me exercises to do at home and paired with his adjustments/muscle manipulations I can move pretty well!! I’m going to keep him seeing him until I’m corrected and then hope to work on keeping my back healthier through regular adjustments.

~Tempone J.

What a Miracle! I Am Back to My Old Self

Dr. Tracy Fleege is so wonderful. I believe she was heaven-sent to help me. I have been having pains so badly for the last year or so and I saw a rheumatology doctor. He gave me a steroid shot and for a month it would feel better but it kept coming back. I was encouraged by my family to
see a chiropractor. I am 80 years old and a retired nurse. Dr. Tracy listened to everything I said, asked a lot of questions, explained everything to me and always made sure I felt at ease and comfortable. After the first visit, I already felt 50% better. I was already able to get up off a chair without holding onto anything, the pain had lessened considerably like it was almost gone. I went home that day and did some household cleaning. And it continued for the next couple of days. What a miracle! Two days later, I put some music on and I was able to dance to it like I used to. I just went back again for my second visit today after a couple of days and she keeps making me feel better. My daughter said I move and walk faster too. Hallelujah…thank you everyone there. You are all so wonderful and helpful. I will keep seeing Dr. Tracy because I feel like I am back to my old self. Thanks again Dr. Tracy and God bless you all.

~Nelita E.

I Am So Happy

I would like to take a moment and say Thank You to Dr. Rohland for helping me be pain free…You figured out why I was in pain on my first visit. The ortho doctor I saw said tendonitis, he looked at me and flat out said “I don’t know why you’re in pain. He then prescribed steroids pills. I am so happy I didn’t listen!

~Gabriella A.

Comprehensive Exam & Treatment

Toni was fantastic. Never had such a deep comprehensive exam or treatment from any chiropractor like this. I was surprised to have not just an adjustment but deep pinpoint muscle work as well with detailed instructions on how best to sit and exercise after my adjustment.

~Melodye B.

New Found Hope!

Everyone at the Wellness Revolution went above and beyond to welcome me and take care of me. After feeling discouraged about living with pain and only given prescription painkillers to handle it, I have new found hope that I will heal and feel well again. With the doctors and staff at your practice, I feel in control of my health again. Thank you!

~Tracey S.


Sarah is a great ambassador for your services, spreading cheer and exuding a non-stop attitude of helpfulness. I was impressed that she had already thoroughly checked out my insurance benefits and had all the information and details in place before the first visit.

~ Barbara S.

In Good Hands

I appreciate the time everyone took, from when I made the appointment to seeing Dr. Luke, to explain everything that was going to happen or that was happening in the moment. I feel thoroughly taken care of and that I’m in good hands here. I couldn’t really have wished for a better experience.

~ Kristie B.

Very Helpful Staff

Great place with very helpful staff. Walked out of there feeling better and knew that I had just found some answers to my back pain. My daughter and husband have both gone and they love it there too.

~ Melissa M.


Patient Reviews for Wellness Revolution Evanston | (847) 869-1773